At Conversion Components, we sell and install Backup Camera Systems. (You do want to know what's behind you when backing up, right?

These camera systems are used extensively by Fortune 500 Companies as well as the U.S. Military.


They provide the user with a real-time, crystal clear view from the back of your truck, allowing you to drive safely.


All products are individually tested and warrantied for one year from date of purchase.

Backup Camera Systems are the way to go for your Commercial Vehicle!

The BIGGEST feature is - Intergrated 3rd Brake Light Camera!

Several models feature the camera molded into a new LED 3rd Brake Light - No bulky camera and no holes drilled in your new van!


Rear View Mirror Mounted Monitors - Excellent position for viewing comfort


Image Sensor Technology  (Advanced CCD Technology)


130 Degree Wide Viewing Angle


Reverse Image/Mirror Image


Weather Proof  (with a Military spec IP68 Rating)


Shock-Proof  (10 G Rating)


Electric Voltage Rating  (12 to 36 Volts - DC)


Audio Capability (No audio is featured with these units - Allows for a higher waterproof rating)


Wired System  (not prone to interference like wireless systems)

Sprinter Systems


Overall monitor size is 9"W x 4 /14"H


Viewable area is 6"W x 3 3/8"H









Mirror mounted monitor installed in Sprinter Van





Sprinter LED 3rd Brake Light with Integrated Camera





Camera installed

Chevy Express/GMC Savana

Shown is the 3rd Brake Light with Integrated Camera for the GM Full Size Van


It can be used with a variety of monitors, including the mirror mount style


Fits only 2001 and newer Chevy/GMC Vans

Box Truck - Cube Van



This system can be installed on any vehicle, but is most commonly used on a Cube Van or Box Truck. 


It features a stand alone camera, rather than the integrated 3rd brake light camera.

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